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Temporary Show Room in Tokyo

Serge 5F, 1-18-4 NAKAMEGURO, MEGURO KU, TOKYO 153-0061 JAPAN

Lyria 期間限定東京ショールーム
Tel 81 90 6478 7801

Blossom Premiere Vision-France

Blossom Première Vision is the Première Vision preview show. Blossom Première Vision aims to respond to the specific needs related to the pre-collections of creative brands.

Collections are presented two months before the main collections, which parade in February-March and September-October. Organized within the Palais Brongniart, the Blossom welcomes about sixty exhibitors. Specialists are selected for their creativity and their ability to bring really thick proposals on those dates. But also companies that must be able to meet the demands of exclusive productions and special developments.

All in a showroom inspired setting, with the organizers aiming to bring to the event responsible for luxury brands, designers and managers of affordable luxury brands.

Premiere Vision-France

Premiere Vision-France is one of the leading French companies that is responsible for organizing fairs in the textile and fashion sector. The event is considered the heart of the international network. The event aims to promote the most innovative and unique designs.

The meetings are organized by a unique fashion team composed of professionals from different corners of the world. Professionals collect and exchange opinions on current trends and unique creations. It is the main destination for promoting emerging trends in the fashion industry and promotes a forward-looking and dynamic approach.

This is an event not to be missed for all the designers who can not wait to share their projects and most innovative trends among a crowd full of professionals.